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Utaab: A pure flavor

With the widening of Ansari Food Industries, the “first producer of Barley Biscuits with Berries,” in recent years, and with the impressive customer satisfaction with the products of Jomaneh, the Utaab brand has also been registered with the slogan “Utaab: A Pure Taste”. Receiving and distributing vitamins, healthy, and valuable products with unique flavors.
During the recent months, the Utaab brand, while focusing on health, has increased its production capacity, continuously improved product quality and widespread domestic and foreign markets, with a very large volume of demand for awarding representation throughout Iran, the continents of Europe and America and also neighboring countries.
This indicates the existence of valuable entrepreneurial opportunities and the need to create a suitable platform for sustainable development and more favorable exploitation of the food industry in the country.
ANSARI FOOD INDUSTRY wishes you to bring health with a neat taste with the production of quality, special and valuable products.